Behringer Neutron overlay


A laser-cut solid Oakwood front for your Neutron of appr. 1,5mm oak veneer.

Main goal to develop this for me personally was not only the looks but also the standard routing which is normally only in the manual, but now also visual on the front! Making it easier to create patches and understand your synth.

Note: this is an overlay, keeping your original synth intact and making it easy to assemble.

Package contents (when ordering front only)

  • 1,5mm Solid Oakwood front
  • 8x back M3 bolts which are a little longer due to the slightly thicker overlay

Optionally available including side panels of 7mm solid Oak.

Note: When ordering separately the side panels might be a little too low, when ordering as a set you’ll get the sides appr. 1,5mm higher so they are flush with the front!




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Osmo hardwax oil (standard), No finish