BLACK FRIDAY: 9U 84HP Solid Oak Eurorack case (FREE power, shipment INCLUDED)

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Collaboration between 2 Many Synths (case) and Modular Synth Lab (power) for BLACK FRIDAY

We made an offer: Solid Oak Eurorack case, now with a free power kit and worldwide shipment included!

What is included:
– 9U 84HP case of 12mm solid Oak, made from re-used oak floors, oiled with Osmo hard-wax oil for a natural look and smooth finish.
– 6x Aluminium 84HP Eurorack rails with 20 slide nuts per row
– 1x MeanWell RT65B PSU mounted to the case
– 1x Modular Synth Lab bussboard with 20 sockets each (40 in total)
– 1x Power socket mounted to the backside of the case
– 1x DIY cable kit with instruction for power installation (no soldering required)

Also check out our other 2 options: 6U 60HP and 12U 126HP. 

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