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Stand for 2x 4U Intellijel Palette (STOCK)

From €249

Normally made to order, but I made one extra in an earlier batch, so the woodwork is already done (hence 15% discount) and you can choose the finish as you like!

A stand for 2x Intellijel Palette cases, which you can take out when you go on the road and place in here when in the studio!

This stand has been designed and dedicated to the amazing Intellijel Palette cases. If you read this you are probably (deep) into Eurorack and might even have 1 or 2 palettes. The idea is to make a ‘home’ for them in the studio, but be able to take one or two of them out when you go out for a performance. Since Intellijel also makes these gig bags, they make it easy to bring them along.

Some additional points:

  • Palettes can be slid into their spots and (if you want) be fixed with 1 or 2 provided M4 bolts. These replace the bottom left and top right bolts in your Palette case. At least the bottom left one can be taken out without influencing too much of the case structure and this will be enough to fix it into the stand so it does not fall out when patching.
  • The back plate is open so you can help a hand when sliding the Palette in.

Concept idea and first model for @eugenboico

1 × Stand for Intellijel Palette - 62HP
The finish is optional, I would recommend Osmo hardwax oil for the oak look but with a protective layer.
Optionally you can also order a black handle, which can be mounted to the top or bottom (depending on how you position the stand). Now you can bring the complete set along for a gig, although it does take up a little more space while travelling. I'll provide the handle and some screws and you can mount it where you like :-)

1 in stock for quick delivery!