Eurorack cases

One of the main items I make these days are my solid Oakwood Eurorack cases in basically all sizes!

They have been developped by me, based on available machinery (lasercutter, wood working tools ,etc). The basis of the design are the side-cheeks which have cutouts for the rails, and the shelves which are held in between. This creates the signature design.

All wood is reclaimed wood from reused solid Oak floors, so even a little sustainability in it 🙂

Most cases are made to order, since there are so many sizes, check out the configurator to select all options you would like to make your perfect case.

Synths come in various sizes; you buy something new, sell some gear and try to organise them in your (home-) studio.
I started making side-panels, fronts & stands for my own synths because I like things to be organised and share the same look & feel.  The Neutron front panel I created is one of the first from the series after creating stands for my Korg Volca’s. Now my collection shrinks & expands regularly.
I’m happy to share these items and the capability to create custom racks, fronts & stands for the synth-community! I’m using a laser-cutter, wood-tools like a router, sanding machines, etc. and the necassary 3d-modelling to prepare the technical drawings. I simply love making stuff!
Let’s be honest, this puzzle will never stop because obviously … you never have too many synths 🙂
– Arjan

Side panels


Custom parts for your synths!

Next to the ‘standard’ parts it is also possible to make custom parts for YOUR unique synth, a custom stand for a specific synth combination or any other request .. just let me know!

Contact me!