Synths come in various sizes; you buy something new, sell some gear and try to organise them in your (home-) studio.

Let’s be honest, this puzzle will never stop because obviously … you never have too many synths 🙂

– Arjan

I’m using a laser cutter, woodworking tools like a router, sanding machines, etc. and the necessary 3d-modelling to prepare the technical drawings. I just love making stuff!

The wood is reclaimed wood from reused solid Oak floors, so even a little sustainability in it 🙂

Basically, I did not design cases, but designed a ‘system’ which enables me to quickly create unique configurations within this system to make your perfect case! Most cases are made to order since there are so many sizes, but sometimes I also make some stock items. Check out my webshop for all cases or the configurator to select options you would like to make your own custom case.

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