One of the most asked questions when choosing all options for a Eurorack case is which power supply (PSU) you should choose and how many you would need .. therefore I created this calculator to help you along the way! Use ModularGrid to plan your own modular case or look for an example case in the size you like to see which values come out and which power supply you might need.

Meanwell RT-65B

RT-65B Specs: +12V 3.5A -12V 1.0A and 5V 8.0A, total output power 65W

The Meanwell RT-65B is a low-cost and efficient power supply, giving loads of power for a good price. By far the most popular and most sold PSU for Eurorack. The PSU’s always come mounted to the case. The power is either DIY or pre-wired on all low-voltage wires & ground. The final connection from the socket to the PSU has to be done by yourselves (no soldering, only cable stripping & a few screws).


Alternatively, there are also 2 options by Konstantlab. The HammerPWR & SeventyPWR are externally powered by a power brick. This creates the option to fully wire the system for you and make it ready to go since there is no high voltage inside the case. These power supplies have been developed for Eurorack specifically, and are known for their power & low noise but to come at a cost.

Konstantlab SeventyPWR

SeventyPWR (70 Watt output) + MeanWell 90 Watt adapter, +12V 2.5A, -12V 2.5A, +5V 2.0A

Konstantlab HammerPWR

HammerPWR (100 Watt output) + MeanWell 120Watt adapter, +12V 5A (2x 2.5A), -12V 2.5A and +5V 2.0A

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