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Brown coloured linseed oil


Rails colour

Aluminum rails (included)

10U inspired by EMS VCS3

From €415

A homage to the 1969 classic by EMS, the VCS3. I was inspired by its angles and the iconic slots which apparently were speaker openings in the original. After the 3d model, I made this final version in 10U 84HP Solid Oak, oiled with linseed oil in ‘walnut’ colour … so happy how it all came together! Since then I have made quite a few of these with some small adaptations to the original and most important .. more sizes and colours!

It has aluminium rails with brass threaded insert, a power socket in the back and can be supplied including a MeanWell rt65b and @modularsynthlab bussboards.

Dimensions: My 10U model based on the VCS3 is app. 35cm deep and 39cm high. Width depends on the amount of HP (84HP is 427mm, 104HP is 529mm, 126HP is 641mm, 160HP is 813mm) + 12mm sidepanels on each side.

For other widths and/or other models of cases, check out my configurator!

NEW: The width of the case is now possible in steps of 2HP! For example between 86HP-104HP for a case between 86HP and 104HP. For a specific width, choose the correct range and mention the desired width in the checkout. When you do not mention a specific amount you'll automatically get the maximum width (so 104HP in this example).
Wood finish
This case has been designed in 'classic vintage brown' look, but can also be made in different colours!
Rails colour
Also here it is designed with aluminium rails next to the brown wood, but black rails can look amazing too!
Select the type and amount of inserts you need here:
For the M3 slide nuts you can select them as a multitude of 20 pcs, just select roughly how many you would like in your complete case and they will be distributed accordingly.
For the threaded inserts you need to select the number of pairs you need per 1U or 3U row.
Power supply

The Meanwell RT-65B is a low cost and efficient power supply, giving loads of power for a good price. By far the most popular and most sold PSU for Eurorack. The PSU's always come mounted to the case. The power is either DIY or pre-wired on all low-voltage wires & ground. The final connection from the socket to the PSU has to be done by yourselves (no soldering, only cable stripping & a few screws).

RT-65B Specs: +12V 3.5A -12V 1.0A and 5V 8.0A, total output power 65W.

Alternativelly there are also 2 options by Konstantlab:
HammerPWR & SeventyPWR are externally powered from a power brick. This creates the option to fully wire the system for you and ready to go, since there is no high voltage inside the case. These power supplies have been developped for Eurorack specifically, are known for their power & low noise but to come at a cost.

- HammerPWR (100 Watt output) + MeanWell 120Watt adapter, +12V 5A (2x 2.5A), -12V 2.5A and +5V 2.0A

- SeventyPWR (70 Watt output) + MeanWell 90 Watt adapter, +12V 2.5A, -12V 2.5A, +5V 2.0A

Calculation power output example based on ModularGrid:
(1.6A on +12V = 19,2W) + (0.8A on -12V = 9,6W) + (0.1A on 5V = 0,5) = Total output power of 29,3 Watt


Power to your modules are supplied by bussboards
When you select a MeanWell PSU you'll get the Modular Synth Lab Bussboards with 20 headers, when you select a HammerPWR or SeventyPWR you automatically get the Konstantlab's filtered bussboards with 19 connectors each.

Recommended to have a maximum of 3 or 4 bussboards per PSU.

Choose for a DIY cable kit and assemble it yourselves/with local help. or choose for a system where all low-voltage cables have been pre-wired! For the HammerPWR & SeventyPWR PSU this means that the case is ready to go, with the Meanwell RT65B you'll only need to connect the socket(s) to the PSU('s).

Shipping box (optional)
Alternatively to the shipping crates, I now also offer super-strong triple-layered cardboard boxes for the smaller cases. The case itself is packed inside with foam blocks. Quite a good solution for international transport!

Made to order