Eurorack case


Solid Oakwood eurorack case, developed & made by me 🙂

Made with a laser-cutter, wood-working tools and a lot of enthusiasm. I have some basic parts in stock, but most cases are made-to-order.

Parts included:

  • side panels of 12mm solid Oakwood
  • all oak parts sanded grain 180 and oiled with hardwax oil (twice)
  • black M5 bolts and screws to assemble all, so visible on the outside

Overall dimensions:

  • 6U is appr. 305mm deep and 207mm high
  • 9U is appr. 361mm deep and 340mm high
  • 12U is appr. 361mm deep and 473mm high
  • custom sizes and configurations possible on request!

Configure your perfect Eurorack case here:

Eurorack case size
Sizes go from 3U, 4U, 6U, 9U to 12U and 15U in width from 60HP to 160HP, scroll down for all available options in the dropdown.
Rails colour
Standard in aluminum colour, but optionally replaced by a black version.
Especially nice with the brass coloured threaded inserts :-)
Rails insert
Select the type and amount of inserts you need here!
For the M3 slide nuts you can select them as a mulitude of 20 pcs, just select how many you would like in your complete case. For the threaded inserts you need to select the amount of of sets you need per 3U; so with 3U just 1x, with 6U you'll need 2x, with 9U it is 3x and with the 12U case you need 4x selected and then 5x with the 15U case.
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3U side brackets
On the picture of the 12U case there are black side brackets used on the black rails; this was on clients request, where we standard mount the rails to the wood directly. This is not necessary, but just a personal preference and optional on request! The side brackets come in pairs of 2 and can hold 2 rails making a 3U row. So when you selected a 12U case you'll need 4 pairs of side brackets if you want them.
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Power supply
For power we can offer a combination of ModularSynthLab bussboards (20 connectors) together with a RT65B PSU from MeanWell (+2V 2.8A). When ordered these are attached to the case, but final assembly has to be done by you (quite easy) or a certified partner (ask for possibilities).

For a smaller 3U Skiff case the best power option is to use the slim-fit 4HP eoWave unit with an external adapter, the easiest solution since no assemly is required, combine this with a flying bussboard cable! This is also optional for a 6U case, but you should double check the power consumption on ModularGrid: +12V 2A for this solution.

Some scenario's as a guideline since every case and every assembly of units is different: a 6U case of 84HP can easily go with 1 bussboard and 1 PSU power-wise, but for comfort 2 might be better. For sure consider a bussboard per row for wider cases of 104HP and more. For 126HP (or more) we recommend 1 PSU and 1 bussboard per row to be on the safe side.
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Front & back panels
Preferred is to build the complete case from solid Oak 12mm, also the front & back panels. Alternativelly, on the smaller 3U and 6U cases, there is the option to choose for plexiglasss. On the bigger cases that is not possible due to stability of the case and to mount buss-boards onto.
Oak finish
This is the finish applied to all the solid Oak parts in the case.
Power socket + build-in
A power socket with integrated 10A fuse, build into the backplate (not needed with the eoWave power)
Power cable
AC Power Cable – 1,5m long, max. 250VAC
Power assembly?
All Eurorack cases are supplied with a DIY kit to connect the power (when a power socket is ordered). This is wires in 6 colours, connectors, etc. for an easy DIY assembly. If you are confident in doing this, that is the way to go, otherwise I have the options to have it assembled by a professional. For this the case will be send to him and back so will add appr. 2/3 weeks production time.
Solid Oak lid
One of the newly developed items is this solid Oak lid, matching your case. It is made to size and fixed with 2 black clips. With this you can keep your patches intact while in pause or transport
Include this set of 2 black handles for transport-comfort, minimal case size 6U. Mounted with bolts to the sides of your case.
Custom amount
You can select this when we had contact about custom work: for example for additional bussboards, custom requests on wood finish and thickness, etc. otherwise just leave it empty :-)
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