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3U Eurorack cases

from €84

These smaller 3U cases are best to be powered with a power module and a flying bussboard cable. Since they are too small for most fixed power solutions. Amongst others, you have them from Behringer, uZues, eoWave, etc. and are provided with an adapter or you have to purchase this separately. It gives you a low-cost and easy-install power solution mostly in 4HP.

All orders are made-to-order, you can select all options here and see how they inflict the price. Production is planned according to a FiFo system, first in – first out, in the order they come in.

Custom sizes and configurations are possible on request, so do not hesitate to contact me if you have a request!

Case type
I have a few smaller cases in variations with either solid Oak from & back panels or plexiglass, but also Skiff & Tilted .. whatever you prefer!
Note that the plexiglass variations are only possible on super small 24HP cases or such, on the wider ones it becomes unstable and wood is preferred.
Case width
If you are looking for a smaller case, like 24HP or for an Expert sleepers ES-9 module, simply select 60HP or smaller here and mention the amount of HP in the checkout. (Do take into account 4HP or 5HP for a power module!)
Rails colour
Standard the rails is in aluminum colour, but optionally it can be replaced by a black version.
Especially nice with the brass coloured threaded inserts!
Rails insert
Slide nuts are mostly good for smaller cases, but if you prefer threaded inserts that is also an option.
Oak finish
This is the finish applied to all the solid Oak parts in the case.
Custom amount
You can select this when we had contact about custom work, otherwise just leave it empty :-)

Made to order (currently estimated 4 to 8 weeks)