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3U & 4U Eurorack cases

from €100

These smaller 3U cases or 4U (with 3U and 1U intellijel) are best to be powered with a power module and a flying bussboard cable. Since they are too small for most fixed power solutions. I offer the Konstantlab StrongPWR as an option, but there are many others around in mostly 4HP. This is a powerful, low noise, high efficiency power supply solution for up to 6U / 114HP eurorack cases.

Case size
Tilted or straight
Black rails?
Standard the rails is in aluminum colour, but optionally it can be replaced by a black version. Please select a multitude of this per 1U or 3U row, so if you order a 9U case you'll have 3x 3u = 3 rows x black surplus.
My favourtie are the threaded inserts for mounting your modules. Select the threaded inserts of the correct size below or select slide nuts, I'll then add 1 nut per appr. 4HP
Optional power
Optionally you can include a 4HP StrongPWR module with external power brick. Specs: +12V / 2A, 12V / 1.2A, +5V / 1.5A
PSU - Konstantlab StrongPWR + 60W power brick
Optional bussboard
Please note that the Modular Synth Lab bussboards are appr. 36cm, I can cut them to size but you will end up with less then 20 headers. Honestly the best suggestion for such a small case would be a flying bussboard cable!
Bussboards - Bussboard, all low voltage cables pre-wired
Air slots
Optionally you can get 4 horizontal air slots in the back panel for ventilation. They will be centered and lasercut out of the back panel, size depends on the size of the case and on wider cases I'll put a set on the left and a set on the right.
Ventilation slots

Made to order (currently estimated 4 to 8 weeks)





Skiff & tilted cases

3U Skiff, solid oak, 3U Tilted, solid oak


24HP, 32HP, 60HP, 84HP, 104HP

Rails colour

Aluminum rails (included), Black rails

Rails insert

M3 slide nuts (per 20 pcs), 84HP pair of M3 threaded inserts, 104HP pair of M3 threaded inserts, 0-60HP pair of M3 threaded inserts


Osmo hardwax oil, Brown (nut) coloured linseed oil, Persian Red linseed oil, No finish