Some links me & my friends find useful and use as a reference!

2 Many Synths on Youtube

Eurorack case
19U 200HP

Eurorack case
7U 104HP Slanted

Keystep Pro stand
together with shelf

Modular Synth Lab

Robert is my main supplier for the MeanWell rt65b, bussboards, other power supplies, patch-cables, plugs, etc.

Modular Synth Lab

Retrokits RK-002

Updating my RK-002 Cable from Retrokits which I use to have aftertouch and velocity sensitivity on my Volca FM

Uploading new sysex files to my Volca FM via the following link:

DX7 Bank Individual Patch Extractor v0.2

Checking my cables connectity and uploading new firmware apps:

RK-002/DUY Exchange Portal

Updating the firmware to other versions for other synths:

RK-002 Firmware crossgrades

Directly editing the settins of the RK-002 for the Volca FM:

RK-002 Mod/Midi settings

Thé (Dutch) forum for Synthesizer-lovers!

Discuss, browse, listen or talk about synthesiZers, all carefully maintained by the (volunteer) moderators!

Synthesizer Basics Explained

This link is very useful for when you are starting with Synths or starting towards (semi-)modular such as the Behringer Neutron. I used it to understand the flow in the Neutron and in combination with the manual then decided to visualise this flow on my Neutron front.

My main suppliers for synths & other gear

You can also find me on Reverb if that suits your needs better (also main supplier for my synths :-))

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