7U Slanted case

From €398

This case was developed on request of one of our beloved YouTubers and is a slanted case with 2x 3U rows and a 1U (Intellijel) row in the middle. It can be positioned flat, but also be put upwards for storage or to use vertically.

(Do note that the modules will be upside down when tilted, unless you put them in when facing it upwards).

Dimensions: Appr. 185mm high and 340mm deep, width depending on the HP amount + appr. 24mm. Module depth appr. 50mm on the bottom row and 80mm on the top row.

This product only selects the 7U model, for other models check the configurator.
Optional power
When you choose power with bussboard(s) & PSU also choose a power socket please. With the 'row power' solutions like the eoWave that is not needed. The MeanWell rt65b PSU gives +12V 2800 - 3500mA -12V 500 - 1000mA and 5V 5000 - 8000mA, supplied with Modular Synth Lab bussboards and a DIY cable kit for (easy) self-assembly.
Power socket
A power socket is placed on the right side as on the pictures

This item is made-to-order