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7U+5U BoBeats’ Kitchen Table Special Edition

From €279

This special Eurorack case has been designed together with and on request of the synth-tuber Bobeats!

His request was for a smaller, compact Eurorack case for on his ‘kitchen-table’, next to the huge 19U 200HP case I made for him earlier 🙂

I had a concept in my mind for a case with more rails than needed, using that to construct the case .. and with that create extra ‘flex-space’ in 1U and 3U rows which you would normally not have (or need).

These two factors together create an experimental case, for Bobeats to explore (on his kitchen table). Maybe the 1U rows will only be used for power or some utilities, maybe it creates new patches-around-the-corner? Who knows? Feel free to experiment! It could be that modules that are too deep get in the way of each other, or that you do not use the backside 3U, or only for a 3U power module?

Dimensions: Width based on 60HP is 330 mm, depth 228mm and height 275 mm

For other widths and/or other models of cases, check out my configurator!

Wood finish
This case has been designed in 'classic vintage brown' look, but can also be made in different colours!
Rails colour
Also here it is designed with black rails next to the brown wood, but aluminum coloured rails can look amazing too! Standard with threaded brass inserts on this case. The plexiglass is always black (and included) though, but all panels can be replaced by any other 1U or 3U module!
Select the type and amount of inserts you need here for the 4 main rails sets (3 on front and 1 in the back), the other 'bonus' rails will always be slide nuts and are included.
For the M3 slide nuts you can select them as a multitude of 20 pcs, just select roughly how many you would like in your complete case and they will be distributed accordingly.
For the threaded inserts you need to select 4 of pairs you need per 1U or 3U row.
Black plexiglass blanks
This is an optional set of black plexiglass blanks; 1 row of 1U and 1 row of 3U in 5 pieces of 12HP. You can also select multiple if you want.

Made to order (currently estimated 4 to 8 weeks)



Brown (nut) coloured linseed oil


Rails colour

Black (per 1U or 3U row)

Rails insert

104HP pair of M3 threaded inserts


7U+5U BoBeats' Kitchen Table Special Edition