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7U+5U Kitchentable edition


To give it a simple name: the “7U+5U 60HP BoBeats’ Kitchen Table Special Edition” 😉

The request was for a smaller, compact Eurorack case for on the ‘kitchen-table’. I had a concept in my mind for a case with more (bonus) rails then needed, and then using that to construct the case .. Mainly because when cutting the rails to aize for the bigger cases, I always have some smaller leftover pieces. And with this I can create extra bonus ‘flex-space’ in 1U and 3U rows which you would normally not have (or need or want or think of).

These two factors together create an experimental case, for Bobeats to explore (on his kitchentable). Maybe the 1U rows will only be used for power or some utilities, maybe it creates new patches-around-the-corner? Who knows? Feel free to experiment! It could be that modules which are too deep get in the way of each other, or that you do not use the backside 3U, or only for a 3U power module?

Tnx Bo, for another super fun bonus project, basically that is where all of this is about… having fun with our hobby/addiction/semi-job

Oak finish

Two layers of Osmo is my standard finish, a hard-wax oil which keeps the solid oak look but gives a nice matt protection.

As an alternative there now also is linseed oil 'natur' as a finish option, that is the coloured oil without colour. It gives a little more classic & yellowish finish with a little more touch of the wood grain in comparison to the Osmo oil if you prefer.

For the coloured cases, I use Satin Wood Oil, based on pure linseed oil and natural pigments. Standard colours are available here, but loads of colours are available for custom work!

Black rails?
Rails insert
Standard the rails is in aluminum colour, but optionally it can be replaced by a black version. Please select a multitude of this per 1U or 3U row, so if you order a 9U case you'll have 3x 3u = 3 rows x black surplus.
Power supply
Optionally you can order the Konstantlab 1UPWR here, but any other 1U or 3U power module will suffice, you use a flying bussboard cable to connect your modules.
Power cable
AC Power Cable – max. 250VAC
Triple-layer shipping carton (optional)
A super-strong triple-layered cardboard boxes for small & regular size cases. The case itself is packed inside with foam blocks. Quite a good solution for international transport as well!

Made to order (currently estimated 4 to 8 weeks)