Custom Vermona PERfourMER case with Eurorack

From €315.00

I love to do custom work! Especially if I get a nice request like this custom case for a Vermona PERfourMER MKII in combination with a powered Eurorack 84HP row in front 🙂 what a beauty, all honours to the client for the idea and Vermona for their amazing unit obviously.

NOTE: Vermona synth itself is obviously excluded on the purchase! Eurorack rails is in it and power optional below.

p.s. In the pictures the Eurorack rails has side-panels for this first model, but I will attach the rails directly to the wood like in all my other cases on the production models (last image in the gallery).

For other widths and/or other models of cases, check out my configurator!

Vermona case + 84HP Eurorack
Optional power
The MeanWell rt65b PSU gives +12V 2800 - 3500mA -12V 500 - 1000mA and 5V 5000 - 8000mA, supplied with Modular Synth Lab bussboards and a DIY cable kit for (easy) self-assembly.
Power cable
Power it up and choose your cable type, you might also have one lying around since this is standard cables.
Choose the wood finish/colour here
Shipping crate
These relativelly smaller cases can be shipped with a good shipping carton, but it might be wise to send them with a shipping crate. if it is send overseas. Note that transport costs may increase as well (not in this system) . If this is the case I will contact you, we'll find the best and affordable shipping method together.

Made to order (currently estimated 3-4 weeks)



Brown (nut) coloured linseed oil


Rails colour


Rails insert

M3 threaded inserts in aluminum (per 3U)