Make Noise stand


This is a solid Oak stand for the Make Noise family; choose your option for either 2 or 3 of them. So if you have a Strega, an 0-Coast and.or 0-CTRL, this is made for you!

Made in solid 12mm Oak panels, laser-cut and assembled with black screws. Optionally coloured if you want.

Note that a few minor details are changed after making this prototype on the picture; a small change on the power inlet on the left and the modules will be in there slightly deeper. For the rest it is the same.

p.s. The stand will be send out fully assembled within Europe, for international shipping it is flat-packed as possible to not have to much empty space travelling around the world.

Dimensions: The depth is appr. 34cm and it is 34cm high. THe width is as wide as your Make Noise monsters + 12mm on each side for the sidepanels.



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stand for 1, stand for 2, stand for 3



Osmo hardwax oil, No finish, Brown (nut) coloured linseed oil, Black coloured linseed oil