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Moog 3-tier solid oak sidepanels


These solid oak side panels have been developed in collaboration with Thomann. It consists of two solid oak sidepanels, replacing the original sidepanels and creating a nice solid setup. It is an alternative to the original Moog exo-skelet-style stands. Also available as 2-tier or 4-tier or 5-tier! version and on order in various colours.

The 3-tier brown oiled version is in stock @Thomann for quick delivery.
Other variations in colour & size can be ordered here and are made on request.

  • For mounting Moog synthesizers such as Mother-32, DFAM, Subharmonicon
  • Made from 12 mm solid oak
  • Includes black mounting screws, recessed so they sink into the wood (M3.5)
  • Obvious, but good to mention: Moog synths excluded!