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Moog Little & Sub Phatty sidepanels

From €109

Perfect new Solid Oak side panels for your Moog Little Phatty Stage II, stage 1 or Sub Phatty. I made them with my laser-cutter, router and sanding machines .. a little machine- and a little handwork 🙂
All sides come oiled (twice) in Osmo hardwax oil and sanded to grain 120p.

The left side made of 12mm Solid Oak with a subtle ‘2 Many Synths’ logo, the right side is a build-up of 2 layers of solid Oak containing the cutouts for the connections.

Custom work is possible such as CV outputs, custom logo, etc. contact me for possibilities.
NOTE: Moog logo on the right side will be excluded and not be on new items.

There are slightly different sizes around, therefore I made a template so you can check which size is applicable to you! Outer dimensions are most important. Download it here.

Side panels
Size reference
Pick your size here, outer dimensions are most important, based on the template as mentioned above.
Just for my archive .. which synth does the template selected above match?
CV Outputs
Optionally the CV outputs can be placed in the right side: cutting the holes with engraving and also making the panel thinner locally so you can mount the CV outputs.

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