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Oak ARP2600

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This is an oak veneer overlay and/or a 12mm solid oak enclosure.


  • The overlay is made with 2 layers of cross-laminated veneer sheets, total appr. 1,5mm thickness. This gives a stable sheet (also to make other overlays but this one was a particular challenge because of the size). Then it is a lot of laser cutting time, to cut the precisely detailed overlay. Holes are cut and all text and lines are laser-engraved.
  • Note: The oil makes the veneer overlay more stable, but in extreme heat & moist situations all wood can work a little. I’ve included two strips of clean & thin 3M tape on the bottom (leaving the synth intact) to fix it in the middle to the original overlay. When it starts to work after all you can simply loosen the screws, loosen it and leave it to ‘work’ for a few days in the same environment before re-attaching it.


  • The enclosure is made of 12mm solid Oak, from re-used Oak floors. The oak stand can have it flat on the desk (like I use it personally) or standing up which is more common.
  • I’ve also elevated the synth, like in the original cases, so you can place a keyboard in front (Keystep Pro or such) without the cables getting in the way of the sliders.
  • Total height of the stand is appr. 43cm and 14cm deep on the lower version, here the front shelf below the 2600 is appr. 6cm.
  • The higher version (designed for the optional Eurorack case in front) is appr. 3cm higher where the bottom shelf below the 2600 is 9cm.
Double sided Oak veneer overlay
12mm solid Oak enclosure
This enclosure will be slightly higher then on the pictures so when standing up straight it will also fully enclose the back of the case (on the pictures you see that the black comes out a little on the prototype). This enables you to either place it flat on your desk or standing up. Note that the case comes flat-packed for oversea-shipment, within Europe I'll pre-mount it.
Finishing with Osmo hard-wax oil is recommended, that is 2 layers of oil which dries up matt and gives good protection for the wood. If you leave it untreated, that is an option, but note that the veneer can 'work' so you'll then have to oil it (double-sided!) yourselves. Black oil is also an option, but ONLY for the enclosure, because you will not be able to read the engraving then, the overlay will be coated with Osmo hard-wax oil then.
Additional Eurorack?
As latest developement (first ones are being made at the moment) I've also included a skiff case adding a 3U and a 1U row of Eurorack in front of the 2600! Do note that if you order it together with this skiff, the Behringer 2600 will get a higher front, so the skiff can stand in front without blocking the sliders. Including black rails and threaded inserts, but do note that this is excluding power. So to power it, it is best to get a 4HP power module with a flying bussboard (Behringer CP1A, eoWave, uZeus, etc).
Shipping box (optional)
I now also offer super-strong triple-layered cardboard boxes. When you order all three items together, it might be wise to ship them in this. An overlay itself can be sent flat-packed as well as the enclosure.
Behringer 2600

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Osmo hardwax oil, Brown (nut) coloured linseed oil, Persian Red linseed oil, Custom-colour, No finish


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