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Patch panels


These modules were officially launched at Superbooth 2022! Last addition is the Hapax patch panel which is also included here.

2023 UPDATE: There now is a new compact panel including ALL connections in one module! Images follow soon.

The set of patch panels enables you to patch the back of your Keystep Pro to the front of your Eurorack! It has been developed together with Voltage Vibes and when ordered here the wood veneer on top will be oiled together with the wood from your case (brown-coloured linseed oil, red oil, Osmo, etc.)

Note: When ordered here it will be supplied with untreated Oak veneer which works perfectly as well.

Soldering is not needed, all comes pre-soldered and ready to patch! You only need patch cables to go from the back of your Keystep to the patch panel,
The modules are 8HP each placed vertically, but they can also be placed horizontally in a 1U Intelijel row.


NEW: Combined Keystep Pro Gate & Clock panel, Keystep Pro Gate & Clock, Keystep Pro 4x voices, Set of both, Universal patch panel in black, Squarp Hapax patch panel 1U, Squarp Hapax patch panel 3U