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Keystep (Pro) stand + Shelf

from €129

After receiving my brand new Arturia Keystep Pro, I couldn’t resist and immediately made myself a solid Oak stand to match all my other synths and to organize my desk 🙂

The tray is the exact size of the Korg Volca range, making space for 3 of them! Next to that, you can use it as a shelf to organize various other synths. I can make other sizes and even integrated Eurorack-rails, that can be found here: https://2manysynths.nl/shop/keystep-pro-eurorack/

  • All the midi and cv, gate, etc. access points on the back are fully accessible.
  • All Oakwood is finished with Osmo hard-wax oil twice and sanded to grain 180 for a smooth finish.
  • Made with a laser cutter and wood-working tools, a lot of enthusiasm and some sandpaper.

Custom requests? Send me a message.

Controller for size reference
Select which controller you have here, this is only for size reference and not included in this purchase.
Setup above
Choose here if you want either a shelf for some synths or even the Eurorack rails above!
Custom work
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